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Dee H.

"Jim, Thank you for the work that you did on my friend's Chris R.'s resume. After we printed out her new resume she read it over and said that she would hire herself. She is still looking. The only thing that I can tell you... At a staffing agency they were submitting her old resume for a $15.00 to $16.00 per hour job. After she sent them her new resume that you did, they are submitting her for $29.00 per hour jobs. In one hour with you on the phone, you have almost doubled her worth in the work place. Thank you.... Dee"

Ruth K.

""Hello Jim! I got my dream RN job. Just wanted to thank you once again for the great resume. Our Heavenly Father has opened the door for me to start at the hospital on December 28th. It was the only hospital position I found close to home. I know it is the favor of God that got me that job. God bless you. I will definitely recommend you to others. Peace!.... Ruth"

William T.

"Jim, you were awesome and took me through every step of writing me a really great resume. After replacing my old resume on Career Builder with your new AWESOME version, I swear, within 24 hours I had no less than 15 replies offering interviews in the fields I had been trying to reach. To anyone out there who isn't sure about spending an hour and a few bucks, do it!!!!! My immediate responses are proof that Jim knows what he's doing, and it's all in finding your strengths and knowing how to put it on paper so the right words jump off the pages. I will refer all of my friends to you. . . . Billy"

Jill L.

"Jim, From the moment I went to the website it was a very quick and seamless process to get my resume done. Jim was very efficient and effective. My new resume was available for me to start apply for new positions within 12 hours of me logging on to his website. I was given multiple choices to pick a package that best suited my needs and I was able to arrange an appointment the very same day which was great! As a younger, more inexperienced client, Jim was able to highlight all my skills and abilities into a simple, yet comprehensive resume. This has simplified my job search, provided me with a more polished first impression and more job interviews. He also provided me with many useful tips to aid in my interviews and follow-up with potential employers. I would definitely recommend his services to other customers. Thanks again and it was a pleasure working with you . . . Jill"

Melanie Y.

""Jim, I want to thank you for the amazing job that you did on my resume. I applied for an Administrative Assistant position on a Friday afternoon, interviewed on the following Thursday and was offered the job on Friday. My new boss informed me that he had 15 applications and that my resume stood out and above the rest. I could not have done it without your help. Great job! . . . Melanie "

George G.

"Jim, Thank you for your help. I have an interview tomorrow with the first company that I sent my resume. They were so impressed that after my initial phone conversation they are bypassing the next step and a representative from the company is flying in to interview. Also thank you for reminding me that God has a plan for me, as in so many times in the past it gave me a sense of hope and calm. . . . George "

Makesha M.

"I'm so thrilled I had to let you know that my resume you created is one of the best investments in time and money I've ever made. The resume you created is a real "stand out" and is exactly what I'm after. It's hard to believe that information is actually about me!!! It gives me great confidence to go out to the market with a great tool like this. I'll let you know how it goes. By the way, I found your site very easy to use - it only took me a few minutes to place my order. The end result looks fantastic. I'm confident that my new resume will stand out to help me get interviews, and I'm looking forward to sending it to prospective employers with pride. Thank for providing your resume service to me, I am so going to recommend Cheap Fast Resumes to friends and colleagues looking to make an impact! . . . Makesha"

Jan C.

"Jim, I have worked for the State of Georgia for almost 20 years. We have not received a raise in several years and they started to furlough us without pay one day a month this year. I was fed up with giving them everything I had and not even receiving an "attaboy," so I called on you to fix my old resume. Jim successfully made "something from nothing," and the very FIRST private company I submitted my resume to called me for an interview. I WAS IMMEDIATELY HIRED as the Senior Field Administrative Assistant making $21.00 an hour plus benefits. That is $9.00 MORE PER HOUR than I made after 20 years with the State of Georgia (where I was doing a lot more and had a ridiculous amount of responsibility). Jim, I did NOT MEET ALL THE CRITERIA FOR THE JOB as posted, and interviews were based on resumes as submitted. That means that ONLY BECAUSE OF THE RESUME YOU DID FOR ME was I able to get the coveted interview and GET THE JOB. Jim, I am truly grateful for your work. Thank you again! . . . Jan"

Desiz B.

"Jim, It was great working on my resume with you. Testimonial for your website is below: Jim the Friendly Resume Writer is superb. If you are looking for a precise, professional, reasonable resume you need have come to the right place. Jim is nice, friendly,easy to talk to and work with. I was so impressed with the service. We worked on my resume together, and I had my resume in approximately 10 minutes after we hung up. Jim even gave me ideas to use during my interview. I am so excited with my new resume. I can't wait to see how many calls I get for interviews. I would recommend Jim's resume service to any and everyone I know that is looking to update and/or create a new resume. . .Desiz"

Mike P.

"Today, I had my resume created by Jim. First of all he was very prompt when calling me at my specified appointment time. He was very easy to talk to and sets you at ease right away. We went over step by step exactly what it is that potential companies will be looking for when thinking of hiring you. He helped me to remember the things I may have missed telling about myself. He very articulately created a fantastic looking resume that I am very pleased and impressed with. Some of these other resume places want to charge you 2-3 times as much money to do exactly what Jim does. I am extremely glad that I chose Jim at to produce my resume. I will absolutely tell all of my friends and family about him. Anyone that chooses Jim will be very satisfied. I know I am.. . . Mike"

Francine D.

"Hi Jim. I wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you. I got 2 interviews and a JOB OFFER in the sales industry. There were OVER 120 APPLICANTS and my resume definitely stood out. I ALREADY landed my current job 21 months ago from using your service, and now I got ANOTHER job using your resume again! I almost feel guilty how easy it was for me to get hired in this economy! THANKS AGAIN! My best regards . . . Francine"

Nancy L.

"Jim Here is my customer testimonial. Thank you so much for helping put together a perfect resume. You have an amazing gift. I will let you know how it turns out okay. I just submitted my resume and I am feeling confident. I will tell everyone to go to you for resumes. Thank you for all the tips about the thank you cards and the proper email address. Take care . . . Nancy"

Lois H.

"Dear Jim, I am writing this testimonial regarding you service, it was fast accurate and wonderfully helpful and supportive to me and my needs in this difficult job market and trying to target the professional business out there. Your service is not only Friendly, professional and just made this process so very easy and precise for me and for what I want to accomplish in my career goals and for the vision I have in the professional world out there. So I say Bravo!! to your Friendly and kind nature, your support and great advice and help, I will highly recommend you to my friends and family, and how Much of an AWESOME job you did at getting my Resume done and I love it, It looks great and boy it was Fast. Thank you Thank you . . . Lois"

Seth W.

"I'm not to good with words which is the reason I was looking for someone to help me with my resume. I was leery about doing business with someone that I had never meet, but I took a chance and was glad that I did. Not only did Jim do EVERYTHING he said he would, but he also worked with me to keep it to a one page resume as I requested. Not once did he try to pressure me into buying anything extra. Did I get the job? I'm not sure yet. But I did get the interview, and that's all I could ask for . . . Seth"

Rod H.

"Jim I did get my resume. I appreciate the time you took and your patience. I can tell you are a great person with wonderful attributes. I'm sure you are a man of Integrity. Thanks for all you have done for me . Yes i do know God has a plan for me. I know that i have not found my career or reached the goals and aspirations that i am capable of. You have been one more stepping stone for me. I will definitely pass your name along to people i know. Thanks again and God Bless you and your family. Sincerely . . . Rod"

Derek J.

"Jim thanks again. What a difference in my resume. I sent out 15 and had calls within 10 min. I will recommend your service to everyone . . . Derek"

Barbara R.

"Hi Jim, I just wanted to thank you for doing a great job on my resume. I went on an interview today (only one week since you did my resume) and got the job I've been looking for right on the spot. I know it had to have something to do with the resume you wrote me because I wasn't getting any response on the resume I wrote myself. Thank You, again and if I ever need another resume written in the future, I'll keep you in mind.....Barbara"

Mark C.

"I used Jim's service for two reasons: 1) I didn't need a total "reinvention of the wheel," but rather a high-level rework on substandard language and formatting in order to be current with best practice. 2) Obviously his price is unbeatable -- hands down -- which always helps in job searching. Jim's process is personally tailored to individual backgrounds. This skill is key to selecting a resume writer. What impressed me most was Jim's ability to absorb my information while simultaneously crafting the perfect wording, even in the most technically complex descriptions. In composing each resume, Jim is equally comfortable with a "22-yr veteran in truck driving" as he is a "12-yr seasoned financial professional." He achieves this mainly by being a good listener, a quick learner, plus an excellent writer with solid command of the language. Jim's casual but professional phone sessions are helpful because there's real-time exchange between composer and applicant, rather than a default generic boilerplate template approach. By talking over the phone, we were able to discuss, clarify, and edit on-the-spot without memory lapses or missing information. In the end, we saved a lot of time by only retaining high-level items, giving the reader a better flow of the major brushstrokes. I certainly would recommend Jim to others, but would also advise the candidate to be very prepared and punctual for the session. The live phone interview can only work if one prepares themselves, including accurate work profile history. Jim doesn't have time for unsure wishy-washy conversation. The live phone call will deter you from behaving that way. . . . . Mark"

Lilly E.

"Having many years experience, I had written and re-written my resume only to find I did not have a lot of phone calls, but VIEWS...on job boards. I became frustrated as I knew I had a vast amount of information on my resume which was too lengthy for employers to read...Being a top-level producer and manager, I desperately began searching for resume writers and searched out reviews. Because of Jim's advertising and boards, his stood out the most and I viewed his testimonials, samples of resumes and was prompted to contact him. Within 1 hour of our initial phone call, I had a professional document and cover letter. No where can you get this type of professional document for the price!!!! Thank you Jim for your expertise and professionalism throughout the process!!! I have given 3 referrals to Jim's web-site and will continue to do so. . . . . Lilly"

Marla S.

"Jim, I received my great resume and it is much appreciated. Since I had not done a resume in over 20 years your help was much needed, you were professional, yet with a sense of humor. The extra interview advice was most helpful and saved me from making any errors on my resume. The updated data on how employers are viewing candidates today was much appreciated. Thanks again . . . . Marla"

Jill B.

"Thanks Again! Although Jim is reasonably priced and I did receive my resume the same day, the name does not say it all. I received quality service and personal attention. My questions were answered quickly. Jim's focus on detail made the telephone interview easy and effective. My completed resume has both professional polish and sparkle. I am completely satisfied with Cheap Fast (Great) Resumes. . . . Jill"

Alecia D.

"Hi Jim, I was apprehensive about distributing my old resume to employers. I know that first impressions are extremely important and I felt that my old resume would not get me many interviews. Then, I surfed the internet and found your service. I am so excited now because you wrote a new resume for me and it looks great!! It has that extra something that I knew that my old resume lacked. I now look forward to job hunting because I know that my resume is top notch. I was sooo excited after we spoke that I called a good friend, recommended that she use your service, and gave her your information. I am certain that the job offers that will come pouring in are because of my new resume. Thank you Jim-I can't say thank you enough! . . . . Alecia"

Ronda L.

"I found that my experience with Jim the Friendly Resume Writer to be completely enjoyable and satisfying. I really dreaded updating my resume, but Jim made the process painless. I looked at many web sites on the internet for someone to update my resume, but found that the prices were really out of my range. Jim's prices are very reasonable and affordable. Jim is very knowledgeable and seems to care about the finished product. I will continue to use Jim and will refer him to other people needing his service. . . . Ronda"

Larissa M.

"After viewing several resume sites I decided on Jim's. Good Choice!!! He was everything he promised!! I followed his easy steps and made an appointment. He called me exactly when he said and walked me through the whole resume process while we talked on the phone. Within just a few minutes of hanging up I had my resume set to go!!! I am very pleased with my very professional resume, and am excited to begin the job hunt with more confidence because of my resume. Thanks so much . . . . Larissa "

Pam K.

"I was not getting any hits on my resume until I had Jim the Friendly Resume Writer re-write my resume; then I had 3 interviews and a job offer within one week. Jim's service was outstanding, fast, and VERY professional. My resume was precise, with prefect grammar and very eye catching, exactly what today's employers are looking at when searching for job candidates. Jim's personal tips and suggestions are a valuable tool for today's job search. My husband and I are both customers of Jim the Friendly Resume Writer . . . . Pam"

George G.

"Hi Jim. You helped me last week. I applied to only one job and got it! The best thing is they want me to manage the store after I've gotten my feet wet, which is about an $80,000.00 proposition. You were right -- God does have a plan for me. I am hopeful for the first time in a long while. Thank you for your help. . . . George"

Crystal G.

"Jim did an excellent job with my resume. I don't have a lot of work experience but he made my skills and experience sound great! I was starting to feel really down about searching for jobs, but after my new resume I got my confidence back. I have used my new resume and have already gotten back several responses from future employers. I would definitely recommend Jim to my friends. He was very professional and quick. He delivered exactly what he says he would. Thanks, Jim! . . . . Crystal"

Virginia S.

"Jim, I want to thank you so much for your quick response to my request for a resume. You made it so easy for me to finally get this done and in such a way that I am now confident that my resume will catch the attention of the people I want to reach. Putting in the right phrases and key attention getters is also the best; I guess we sell ourselves short sometimes and using your service really takes a fresh approach. Your guidance will, I am sure, assist me in finding the right job and allowing me to quickly attach my resume and cover letter without the drudgery of having to do it from scratch and probably not grabbing the attention I am looking for. I would certainly recommend you to any of my friends, in fact, a friend recommended you to me. Love your style and your attention to the "let's get it done" approach. Many thanks. Regards . . . . Virginia"

Anna A.

"Hello Jim. Thank you for helping me with my resume. The way in which you formatted it targeted the specific type of jobs that I was looking for as I immediately began receiving phone calls and emails after posting my resume on Career Builder and Monster. I only had to wait less than one month to get a job in the Oil Industry as an Analyst which was exactly what I was looking for. Even though I did have previous experience in the Oil Industry and a Master's degree, it could have been more difficult to break into the highly networked community of professionals. Thanks again . . . . Anna"

Mike C.

"Jim, I just want to thank you for the resume service. The professional manner that you took to help me build my resume was excellent. I was very skeptical at first about not only putting a resume together and would it be worth my time, but also using the Internet to get such a service. My expectations were more than met with what I received. I have been sending out several resumes and I know that new opportunity is just around the corner. I have recommended you and your service to all my friends. Thanks so much for everything. Sincerely . . . . Mike"

Sonya L.

"Dear Jim, I just wanted to let you know that after I received the resume you wrote for me on Tuesday, I faxed it out to 5 different companies. I was asked to come in for an interview by all of the companies I sent the resume to. Only 4 days after you wrote my resume I have been offered the first job and expect by this time next week to have a few more offers. I was told on every interview how professional and to-the-point my resume was. I thank you very much for the time and effort you put into my resume. I am very glad that I decided to purchase you great resume package and I know this job offer is a direct result of your talents and my work history. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! . . . . Sonya"

Valencia H.

"Hi Jim. I received my resume and cover letter and am very pleased with the results and I wanted to just say everything looks absolutely great! I really appreciate your quick response. I would have never got this done so quickly and look so sharp. You've really given my confidence a much needed boost. I will love to give a testimonial of my wonderful experience. Thanks again . . . . Valencia"

Joyce P.

"My resume looks great and the response time to the phone call was perfect, absolutely no waiting for the phone to ring.Very friendly and professional work ethic was used. Has a lot of knowledge on the resume building. Great Job. I submitted the resume to several companies and got responses almost instantly. The resume has the quality of a professional resume and does not take up to much time of the employer. Also you do not stay on the phone very long to get the resume done. It's very convenient to get this task done right from your home in as little as an hour on the phone. . . . . Joyce"

Joe M.

"Jim, I would like to thank you for being so responsive. I sent you an initial e-mail, within minutes you replied. The resume was completed just as mentioned. I submitted the completed resume to Monster, Yahoo Jobs and Careerbuilder. I am pleased to inform you that I received a job offer just two days after it was posted. Your service is prompt, professional and you are very kind. The quality of your work is second to none. Thanks for you assistance. . . . . Joe"

Lydia W.

"Jim was fast, courteous, and professional. I would use his services again and recommend him to anyone wanting to "punch up" and transform their resume. I am extremely grateful that I chose Jim because my resume is now excellent and complete. Jim knows what employers are looking for which is valuable for job seekers. Thank you very much for your time and talent . . . . Lydia"

Frank R.

"Thanks Jim! You really made editing and improving my resume so easy (and affordable). Your experience and knowledge showed by how efficient our phone appointment was. I am grateful for your interview and post interview tips. I was very anxious to see my new designed resume and you did not disappoint me. I was so excited to update my new resume on all the Internet job sites. Thanks for equipping me with all the tools I need; my new cover letter, resume, plain text resume and reference sheet. I feel more confident that with these tools I will find the new employment God has planned for me. Regards. . . . Frank"

Greg R.

"Hi Jim, Thank you so very much for your lightning fast help targeting my resume in such a pithy fashion. I am grateful to you for sharing your wonderful gift. There is a certain peace of mind you give me. With you at my side, I know whatever path I choose to take in life, the road will have already been paved. Sincerely. . . . Greg"

Cheap Fast Resumes Reviews

Jim the Resume Expert Reviews