1 Page BASIC (“Cheap”) Resume Package


Simple Resume. Also includes a short (4 sentence) all-purpose cover letter.

1 Page BETTER Resume Package


Also includes a BETTER (4 sentence) cover letter, also includes a BETTER resume format, also a Thank-You Note, also a Reference Page, also free “Interview Tips” 56 page book.

1 Page BEST (“Targeted”) Resume Package (Recommended)


Also includes a LONGER (9 sentence) “customized” (more effective) COVER LETTER, ALSO a Thank-You Note, ALSO a Reference Page, ALSO free “Interview Tips” 56 page book, ALSO you will receive BOTH the “TARGET” and “GENERAL” Resume formats. You will get BOTH of these Resume formats. (During our phone call, we will explain how to use these 2 versions of your resume to greatly increase your odds of getting interviews). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.